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Ten big advantages of lampsview lighting:

-----Make entrepreneurship so easy, perfect distribution security----

1. The advantage of product modeling:
The products are designed according to the demands at home and abroad by professional masters.

2. The advantage of product categories:
We constantly update products and make customers select leisurely.
3. The advantage of product price:
We select and purchase large quantities of raw materials to make the production links in right place and reduce production cost. To agents, we carry out a one-stop supply to decrease Intermediate link and keep the series products place in the first of the"cheap products" within the same industry around the country and also has strong vitality.

4. The advantage of the product quality:
Our products are made of high quality raw materials. We make sure the product quality by having Quality inspection before they leave the factory, and also the products will be inspected by the national authorities.

5. The advantage of brand:
In order to improve the fame of product and create the strong brand in domestic lighting industry which will bring agents intangible assets, our company made comprehensive propaganda by putting huge money into large web portal like CCTV, the local TV, magazines, and newspapers, sina, sohu, yahoo, netease and so on.

6. The advantage of commodity supply:
Our company keeps timely supply, replenishment and exchange to ensure the normal sales for agents.

7. The advantage of the exchange and Return of products£º
Our products that offered to the agents have "three guarantees", and unmarketable goods can be returned 100%.

8. The advantage of successful management mode
We carry out collective training the long-term follow-up service on agents to make you do not have trouble back at home.

9. The advantage of Regional protection

Strict regional protection will avoid the price of the product produce the vicious competition in local marketplace.

10. The advantage of Investment profit
Company series products carries out unified supply price, united suggested retail price and unified discounted prices to make sure profit return.


Five big selling points to detonate the market

1. Lampsview adapts to the trend but not drifts with the current and makes it possible for every home to enjoy its unique gentleman demeanor. It's a more energy saving, the more environmental protection, healthier lighting brand that created the newer, faster and higher lighting era for the 21st century.

1. Lighting products beautify life
Lampsview lighting, as human nature design, is more pleasing to the eye, is more suitable for private life, more consistent with the aesthetic psychology and is warmly welcomed by the consumers.

2. Diverse development and endless innovation

Lampsview lighting not only own beautiful outlook, also have diverse features. It liven things up and sloughs off the previous single, drab pattern thoroughly, but makes use of diversified, multi-level mode;and the lighting products range from low cost products(few dollars) to high-grade product. Lampsview has everything that one expects to find.

3. Series products, deep dig gold
Lampsview lighting can easily come into being series products ranging from basic lighting to the luxurious lighting, from household lighting to the restaurant lighting, and from normal to inexpensive luxury.

4. Public health, social identity
Lampsview lighting pursues ikea and pay more attention to the green energy saving which is the forever pursuit for the company. The human nature in the design shows that each one is classic and outstanding, which soon conquered the market with its applicable, concise, health and high quality elements.
Also, Lampsview introduced the international lighting design idea, to ensure that product is bright beautiful, warm and high quality making the home warmer and the night more romantic.

5. Chic lighting, consumption by 100%
China lighting are mostly lack of creativity and influenced by traditional education, many lighting manufacturers have fixed thinking mode;while Lampsview from different angles, capture the light technique and great design around the world, show the new age appeal of beauty! Each chic and exquisite product reveals the classical and popular life brand.

Quality assurance

Maintain interests and ensure management

1. China light quality guarantee centre for review of "quality, reputation double security demonstration unit";

2. China's consumer protection foundation tracking investigation conclusion: "quality, reputation satisfied with the consumer brands of";

3. The Chinese market of qualified quality, service, good reputation enterprise title;

4. China's national mandatory product certification certificate (3 C authentication certificate);

5. CE authentication certificate;

6. The customs export certificates;

7. UL authentication certificate;

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