4 Tips to Choose the Right LED global bulb

1. Packaging
(1) Check the product trademarks and certification marks
(2) Check whether the product rated voltage, voltage range, CCT, precautions, safety instructions and applicable environment are clearly stated
2. Cost
Due to the special production process of LED global bulb, the cost of a bulb is relatively high.
3. Appearance
(1) Appearance: rough or not
(2) Glue: cleared or not
(3) Screw: protruding the fixed flat or not
(4) Colour of screw: in line with the shell or not
4. Lighting test
(1) Pay attention to the changes of the light colors. If it changes from yellow light into white light, or from white light to blueish white light, in short time, you'd better not purchase it. Reasons of colour changes: A. Power supply B. wrong light source
(2) The color of the light must be positive and consistent, that's no flicker.
(3) After light the LED bulb, you can learn the heat management by touching the surface of the bulb. If the surface temperature continues to rise within one hour, rather than a maximum of 30 minutes to be stable, do not select the bulb. The bad thermal management can lead to the short life.
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