How to Choose the Best Lighting for Your Home

Successful lighting scheme not only serve its practical purpose well, but also create a decorative effect for your home. Here we discuss this topic in more detail.
There's more to lighting your home than simply adding a ceiling fixture and many table lamps. All lighting should be strategically positioned in such a way that it is both decorative and functional. On the more practical side, good lighting should be able to provide illumination for reading, cooking, cleaning and other daily tasks. However, lighting can also help to create a relaxed ambiance and complement the furnishings and color scheme of the house.
General lighting:
General home lighting usually overhead or attached to the walls provides background light and should be used in each room of the house. One of the most common types of general light fittings is a hanging ceiling light; the material and style used for this type of light various tremendously, so make sure to shop around and find one that best fits in with the existing decor of each room. However, an overhead ceiling light should not be used as the room's only source of illumination, as on its own, it creates a harshly lit centre space, with lots of shadows around the corners of the room.
Semi or fully recessed down lights light up the entire room in a softer way. However, they can also be aimed at a particular part of the room where you want special attention to. You can also add dimmer switches to this type of home lighting, as brightness also alter the atmosphere amazingly.
Task lighting:
Task lighting is a must in almost every room of the house. It provides directional, concentrated light across a small area and can be used alongside accent and general lighting fixtures. The specific type of task lighting which you choose depends on the activity you have in mind. For instance, for working at your desk, a table lamp with a flexible neck is ideal, as this can be adjusted and positioned to the right spot. While lamps needed for reading should be tall enough so they can direct their light onto book pages instead of your eyes and a floor lamp would be the best option.
Lighting for sewing, knitting or other detail-orientated activity should be positioned in such a way that it shines onto the work, such as rise and fall ceiling lamps if you usually work at the dining or kitchen table. For counter top lighting, the aforementioned recessed light fixtures, installed underneath the higher kitchen cupboards will work well, which can provide enough light for food preparation, whilst add a cosiness to the general ambiance of the space.
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